Polar Seal Windows

Brighton Glass is a now a proud distributor and installer of Polar Seal Windows. 

We have looked at this area of the glass business for years and we hadn’t found a window that we would represent, until now.

We have found that Polar Seal windows are an excellent choice for new or replacement vinyl window.  They have been made here in Michigan since 1950.  They are the highest quality vinyl window we could find.  They have a large selection of colors and styles; my favorite is the stainable, paintable.  Polar Seal windows have a lifetime manufactures warranty; the manufacturer sends their people out at no charge if there are any problems!

Top 10 Reasons why Polar Seal Windows are better than the competition:

More Walls, Thicker Walls1.  Polar Seal windows have more walls, thicker walls which means less chance for cold winter winds to seep in through your windows.  Polar Seal Windows have more chambers that help insulate.

(Polar Seal Window on Right)



SuperSpacer Reduces Condensation2.  Polar Seal Windows are built with SuperSpacer, the only true warm-edge.  Silicone foam air spacer separates inner and outer panes of glass so cold can’t transfer in quickly like metal spacers.  SuperSpacer conducts 100 times less temperature than other “warm-edge” steel spacers, reducing the chance of condensation, sweat or mold on your windows.

(See the Difference, Polar Seal Window on Right)

#1 Rated Low-E Glass in Canada3.  Polar Seal Windows are made with the #1 rated Low E glass in Canada – your best bet to save heating dollars.  As winter gas bills soar, using the right kind of Low E becomes even more important.  Polar Seal’s “Hard Coat” Low E has the same net heat loss as an R-19 wall because it allows more FREE solar energy in than any other Low E of Heat Mirror available.

(Polar Seal Window on Left)


Polar Seal Weatherstripping4.  Polar Seal Windows have triple ultrasonically welded weather stripping.  Polar Seal Windows have 50 – 100% more weather stripping than competing windows, which seals out wintery drafts.  Polar Seal weather stripping is made with welded fibers which remain longer than woven fibers use by others.  Polar Seal windows also have pile directors that keep those fibers standing up straight.  The black weather stripping used also lasts longer and looks better years down the road by not showing dirt.



Aluminum Screens5.  Polar Seal windows all come with aluminum screen wire which lasts longer.  Sure, it’s tougher to get aluminum wire screens installed in the home without them denting (that’s why they are packaged separately), but once they are installed, they won’t sag, fade and deteriorate like fiberglass screen wire.




Interlocking Sashes6.  Polar Seal Windows have interlocking sashes that eliminate leaks.  They take the time and workmanship required to make a window with sashes that interlock.  Polar Seal has engineered a window that keeps out the winter winds better than windows simply relying on butting the sashes together and hoping the weatherstrip will stop the air.



Deep Pocket Jambs and Sills7.  Polar Seal Windows have deep pocket sills and jams to cut the wind.  90 degree angles make it tougher for air to penetrate.  However, most companies forget this feature at the sill.  By sinking the sashes into deep pocketing jambs and sills, air’s chance of getting into your room are slim to none.

80 Color Choices8.  Polar Seal Windows have over 80 different color and wood combinations.  You can choose from 3 main colors (white, tan or earthtone), add 4 real wood-look interior options (Light Oak, Dark Oak, Cherry or Paintable/Stainable Simulated Oak), and 8 exterior color options (white, tan, earthtone, green, clay, terratint, bronze, and gray).



Double Strength Glass9.  Polar Seal Windows are made with double strength glass that looks and performs better than the competition.  Thicker glass resists breakage better and lays flatter than single strength, reducing awkward concave reflections.  Go ahead, knock on Polar Seal’s glass and then compare it to the others.

(Polar Seal Double Strength Glass on Left)



Factory Service10.  Polar Seal has unmatched service and a lifetime warranty.  No other vinyl window manufacturer that we know of stipulates in their warranty that they, the factory, will make house calls to service their products.  The Polar Seal warranty is worth much more than the paper it’s printed on; it is a contract between Polar Seal and the homeowner.

Please come in to our showroom to see and feel the quality of these windows!

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