Auto Glass

If You Truly Care About The Safety and Life of Your Vehicle
Make Sure the Company You Hire to Install Your Auto Glass…

- Provides full in shop service.

Brighton Glass has full in shop service. There may be times that you don't have a place indoors to have your glass replaced. If it is raining or snowing, or extremely hot or cold, you do not want a Glass Installer to replace your glass outdoors. A windshield needs to be dry, clean, at the proper temperature and primed properly to insure a proper fit and finish. You do not want to find out 6 months from now that the roof of your car is rusting out because the windshield was not prepared properly. Be forewarned, mobile service is only for ideal conditions. What ever glass company you use, make sure they actually have a location to perform the service and not just a phone number. Though it may take an hour or so out of your day, it will be well worth your time in the long run. Brighton Glass does offer mobile service if we know that conditions are ideal to insure the safety of your vehicle. Our in shop service ensures that your vehicle will be properly primed and installed to insure your safety and structure of your vehicle. You can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee or we offer free pick up and delivery.

- Has all installers in uniforms and gloves.

At Brighton Glass, all our Glass Installers are in uniform and always use gloves when working on your vehicle. There is more than one reason for this. First, our Glass Installers are professionals. But more importantly, our Glass installers are all required to wear gloves for your safety. Handling the edges of the windshield with bare hands causes the oils from your hands to get on the bonding surface causing the adhesive not to stick there. In the case of an accident, that would be the first place that would let loose. Glass Installers should always wear gloves. Even if they claim they can pick up the windshield and install in without letting their finger touch the inside edges, it's almost impossible to do this when fitting the window into the vehicle (even with suction cups). Also, as you can imagine, if the adhesive does not stick properly and therefore does not seal, water and other elements can collect. These are the spots that future rust and leaks develop. At Brighton Glass we do everything we can to insure a perfect fit and finish now and one that will not cause you problems in the future.

- Meets or exceeds Federal Safety Standards.

Brighton Glass uses only glass and materials that meet or exceed Federal Safety Standards. We also only use primers and sealants that meet or exceed Federal Safety Standards. We use only OE replacement glass and OE approved primers and sealants. Again, to ensure a proper fit and finish for your safety. You also should know that you have the right to request that your insurance company cover the Original Equipment Glass (such as MOPAR, PPG, Pilkington, Carlite) often referred to as dealer glass. You have to request it from them or they will want to only cover aftermarket parts. You as their customer must request this when making a claim, the glass companies cannot.

- Guarantees lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Brighton Glass gives you a lifetime warrantee on our workmanship. This is a simple thing for us to do. Because we do everything to ensure a proper fit and finish, we just look for you to call us back when you have another glass project for us.

- Handles all insurance calls and paperwork for you.

Brighton Glass will call your insurance company for you and handle all paperwork for you. If you need to talk to them for any reason, we will connect you and stay on the line with you to guarantee all is handled in one easy call. Brighton Glass works with and are experienced with all insurance companies, we know what to expect and how to make as painless as possible for you.

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